Empowering the Digital Television Revoluition


Network 10

Project Type

Critical Environments – Data Centres and Transmission Systems

Customer Need

As part of the government legislated transformation from Analogue to Digital Television, all existing Analogue transmission systems needed to be upgraded to transmit the new Digital Signal. This required each transmission station to double in size, capacity and enhancements to the Antenna (Stack).

Key Deliverable

• Holistic Assessment of the Successes and Failures of the Overseas Digital Transformations
• Business Needs Assessment
• Assessment of integration with Safety and Operational interfaces
• Business case development
• Stakeholder Change Comms Sessions
• Executive Leadership Team Presentations
• Full construction Design of Infrastructure Upgrade
• EOI, RFT, RFT review procurement control
• Performance Contract executed and managed
• Staged upgrade controlled
• Upgrade to 11 sites integrated with HR functions, Remote Monitoring, Safety Systems, Operational Functionality
• Full handover documentation referencing BIM and integrated to DCM
• Operational handover and training

Result / Outcome

• All sites upgraded to Digital Television servicing 5.4m viewers
• All sites upgraded with new fibre distribution with redundant services
• All sites electrical, mechanical and Antenna Capacity upgraded
• All sites upgraded with Static UPS systems supported by Diesel Generators