Empowering a Clearer Environment – Ambrosia Gold

The development of a Gold ore processing plant was undertaken by Ambrosia Gold in South Africa. A critical factor in the daily operation for the preparation plant was the integration of a materials processing and Handling System to process and refine the material.

As the original operation, closed in 1906 had left huge mounds of poorly treated tailings, the projects key aims were to ensure that the local environments conditions met international expectations, now that the residential areas of Johannesberg had encroached on this once mining area.

The reclaimation project acheived these aims ensuring that the old mining operations and tailings posed no harm to the new land releases.


Design for the design project the team consisted of:

  • 1 x Lead designer
  • 8 x Engineers, (3 structural, 3 mechanical, 3 Electrical/instrumentation), and
  • 10 x Drafters ( 2 structural, 3 mechanical, 3 Electrical/instrumentation, 2 Hydraulic),
  • 1 x PLC/SCADA designers
  • 1 x PM

SMP Construction for the Construction project the team will consist of:

  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Construction Engineer
  • 2 x Fabrication contractors
  • 1 x Erection contractor
  • 7 x functional contractors
  • 1 x Electrical contractor
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Quality Manager
  • 1 x Construction Manager
  • 1 x Safety Manager

Project was completed with 91,000 hrs with ZERO LTI and 5 x FAI.


  • Engineering and Project Management of:
    • Structural
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Instrumentation design teams
    • Hazard prevention, Fire detection, Fire Suppression systems, Evacuation systems
  • Engineering Level decisions for Electrical Supply, Distribution, Instrumentation.
  • Management of the Project/Program Office, further redevelopment of the Project Management system in application, execution conformance/monitoring.
  • Engineering design process review and execution conformance/monitoring
  • Board level client control
  • Responsible for all aspects of Engineering design, Construction at site, Risk, Legal, Finance, SHRM, Quality.
  • Leading the Procurement control process, Contractor evaluations, and Contractor Contract negotiations.
  • Safety system development and execution conformance