Over 25 years we have delivered more than 1XXX of projects in 52 countries across 22 industries.

We have a sample of those projects across each industry below:

1. Airports, Ports, Rail Empowering safer Asian and International travel
2. Banking and Finance Empowering Barclays Asian business for growth
3. Clubs Empowering local youth reach their potential
4. Critical Environments Empowering Digital TV Transmission Transformation
5. Defence Empowering Safer defence facilities
6. Education Empowering the next generation of business and community leaders
7. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Empowering higher quality food outcomes for Australians
8. Local, State, Federal Government  Empowering local youth reach their potential
9. Open Space/Public Environment  Empowering local youth reach their potential
10. Health Empowering Health, Rest and Recovery
11. ICT Empowering reliable digital commerce and banking
12. Industrial
13. Electrical Integrations
14. Manufacturing
15. Mining Systems
16. Pharmaceutical
17. Professional Services
18. REIT
19. Retail
20. Water and Water Processing