eQUIP and Empower – Learning & Development

eQUIPing and Empowering Executives to deliver great outcomes…

Qfactor is committed to pursuing best practice within industry and training the next Generation of great leaders.

As Entrepreneurs and strive for excellence in Project, Program, Business and Corporate management, intel and application.

eQUIP, is a school of business studies, our team run programs and seminars to train, cross train and mentor executives and teams to deliver exceptional results in their fields.

eQUIP adds the personal dimension to the conversation/ideas and mentors the participants to arrive at a greater understanding and appreciation of the subject, through guided discovery, group training and one on one coaching.

Be it for:

  • Senior Executives
  • Middle Management
  • Owner operators
  • dynamic teams

eQUIP has the program for your business to drive strategic and practical success.

Courses for Building a Better Business…

A course for the executive and middle management to learn how to adapt a good organisation into a great organisation through the use of the – Strategy Focused Organisation