Australian Data Centre’s – Best in Class

At the start of the digital revolution and the transformation of the Television landscape to digital Television, Qfactor collaborated with the best minds globally on the adoption of Digital Television in Australia. Working directly for Network Ten Australia, Qfactor team designed, implemented and commissioned all systems relating to the Data Centers for Network Tens Digital playout systems that covered:

  1. Digital Audio
  2. Digital Video
  3. Automation and control
  4. Global time sync for international networks

As the largest single housed data centre at the time, the Data centre housed both the Program Playout system and the AFL Timeshift playout system. The solution engaged re-designed 30% of the floor space of the Network Ten Sydney Floor plan and centralised all regional analogue playout systems into the Sydney facility. This project was not only technologically trans-formative however the business transformation and change control processes, recreated Network Ten into a leaner, more agile organisation.