Rio Tinto – Fuel Management Systems

RTIO engaged our client to implement a Fuel management system to 176 locations throughout 16 sites in the RTIO suite of properties from Port Hedland to East and West sites. The Fuel management system was designed to capture every drop of the 2 billion litres of diesel that RTIO uses every year. Installed on 103 dispensing systems and 73 tanks and mobile units the system captures data on the points of ingress and dispense to monitor the use and security of the fuel.


Design for the design project the team consisted of:

  • 1 x Lead designer
  • 3 x Engineers, 5 x Drafters
  • 3 x PLC/SCADA designers
  • 1 x PM

SMP Construction for the Construction project the team will consist of:

  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Construction Engineer
  • 2 x Fabrication contractors
  • 1 x Erection contractor
  • 3 x functional contractors
  • 1 x Electrical contractor
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Quality Manager
  • 1 x Construction Manager
  • 1 x Safety Manager

Project was completed with 91,000 hrs with ZERO LTI and 2 x FAI.


Qfactors’ Responsibilities

  • Engineering and Project Management of: the design and implementation of the systems including data capture, front end and back end database engineering
  • Engineering Level decisions for Electrical Supply, Distribution, Instrumentation.
  • Management of the Project/Program Office, further redevelopment of the Project Management system in application, execution conformance/monitoring.
  • Engineering design process review and execution conformance/monitoring
  • Board level client control
  • Responsible for all aspects of Engineering design, Construction at site, Risk, Legal, Finance, SHRM, Quality.
  • Leading the Procurement control process, Contractor evaluations, and Contractor Contract negotiations.

Safety system development and execution conformance