Protecting National Assets – Sydney Opera House

Following the fallout from 9/11 and the protests against the Iraq war, SOH upgraded its security, CCTV monitoring and  Building Management systems including Vespa and Air Handling systems.

Our company was awarded several independent contracts to complete a variety of works focused on the Security, CCTV and integrating into the BMS automation system.

I was engaged to lead the installation of several hundred access controlled doors, renovations of public access areas, design, construction and fit out of the central control center, installation and commissioning of the 7 integrated control systems. Delivering on the company’s strategic business case, including but not limited to the:

  1. Working with the nominated SOH architect, specialist technology providers and incumbent maintenance staff, design the renovation of each location.
  2. Departmental approvals and review by all stakeholder groups on the ergonomic and practical implementations and operations of the facility and the execution impacts.
  3. Design of the integration of all stakeholders communications and information systems.
  4. Individual Project Planning
  5. Development of the Execution plan
  6. Development of the overall program plan for review and approval of the client.
  7. Stakeholder management planning with 12 cross function groups including 5 external stakeholder groups.



Design for the design project the team consisted of:

  • Client assigned Architectural consultancy
  • Specialist technology consultancies
  • Engineering,
    • Mechanical,
    • Electrical/instrumentation
    • IT Consultancy
    • Networks and Networks Security consultants
    • Interior designer

Construction for the Construction project the team will consist of:

  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Construction Manager
  • 1 x Demolition contractor
  • 1 x Fit out contractor
  • 5 x Functional contractors including
    • IT specialist contractors
    • Networks and Networks security contractors
    • Specified suppliers
    • Fire detection/alarm contractor
    • Fire Suppression systems (Gas)
    • Evacuation systems
    • Compliance service contractors
  • 1 x Electrical contractor
  • 1 x Quality Manager
  • 1 x Commissioning team


Project was completed with 44,000 hrs with ZERO LTI and 0 x FAI