For more than 20 years the team at Qfactor have delivered exceptional outcomes for local, National and International Retailers, from Banks to Customer Service Centres to fashion retailers, across all three services offerings.

Our expertise in the Retail sector is second to none, as we harness the power of effective collaboration and understanding the OUTCOME Paradigm and how Retail outcomes are empowered by our collaborative facilitation and intentionality.

Our Retail team have delivered numerous projects, locally, nationally and internationally, defining, designing, delivering and driving best in class outcomes through a thorough understanding Buyers intent and maximising product placement and presentation, Sales velocity and the psychology of purchase Expertise.

Hence, we are your perfect partners in driving outcomes for:

  • BusinessQ –
    • Strategy
    • Advisory
    • Organisational change
    • People and Culture
    • Business Planning
    • Operational Excellence
  • ProjectQ –
    • Project Types
      • Property
      • Infrastructure
      • Software
      • Integrated systems
    • Project Phases
      • Business Case development
      • Concept development
      • Options Analysis
      • Development Funding
      • Full life cycle Project Delivery
        • Planning
        • Execution
        • Closeout and Handover
      • Operational Excellence
      • Benefits realisation and review
  • eQUIP and Empower
    • Governance Training
    • Senior Leadership Training
    • Team Facilitation
    • Service Excellence

Notable Case Studies