How we serve you

As a full service Project, Program and Portfolio management firm, Qcubed are truly your best partner for Project related services.


Qcubed are avid followers of the philosophy of Simon Sinek, and his principal, it all starts with Why!. Defining a project well, preparing a clear, concise, well consided and balanced definition of Why the project exists, with a clear intention and business plan to fulfill a clear business need and related outcome, is central to the Project executing well.

Our team are leaders in industry in ensuring that projects start well, with solid foundational collateril to support the development, design and delivery of the project.

Our statistics say it all.

99.76% of our projects have been delivered on or before time

99.56% of our projects have been delivered within the orginal budgeted cost

99% of our projects have completed and completed all deliverables beyond the clients anticipated expectations.

In a market where those numbers are typlically half of those published above. Our team are clearly leaders in this market. [Read More Here]


Having Defined what the outcomes of the project are, you need a team of professionals, subject matter experts to support the various elements and function of the design.

Having delivered a $1B of projects across the pacific and beyond, we have established relationships with the people that you want and know the people that you don’t.

With Qcubes assistance we have the skills and the relationships to guide and drive the design to the optimal conclusion, front end loading the outcomes and interlectual property to ensure that Delivery is a smooth transition into operations. [Read More Here]


Qcubed drives a transparent best practice framework of procedures that facilitate the orderly progression of projects from concept through to completion. Planning and other legislative requirements are identified early, design options are considered and decisions taken progressively so that nothing is overlooked. During the process risks are identified and delivery options investigated, programmes and budgets are agreed and closely monitored to enable control of the total process.

Our project management services encompass project scoping, design and design development, documentation and pre-contract, construction and post-construction stages and may include: [Read More Here]


Having completed over $1B of projects, both locally and internationally, servicing some of the largest organisations and Governments in the world, Our team have built a reputation on focusing our skills and energys around Process and Procedure. “If I had a dollar for every time is said to my team “the process will save your career” I would be a rich man” exclaims our Principal Consultant.

Project Process Hygene is in our blood. Who better then to Audit your projects performance. [Read More Here]

Program and Portfolio Review

Leveraging our Define – Design – Deliver, philosophy, not simply limited to the construction phase, our project programming & scheduling services facilitate an integrated project development and delivery which brings about effective control and optimum project time performance. Usually provided as an integral part of our project management service, Qcubed’ project programming and scheduling services are also available as a stand-alone service. [Read More Here]