Advisory board program

Management advisory service

Run a better, stronger, more profitable business

Q3ed’ purpose : “Empowering good businesses to become Great businesses, transforming Lives!”.

At Q3ed, we are focused on ensuring we empower your people to build your organisation from Good to Great.

Our team brings a well honed internationally proven and collaborative approach to working with boards to drive your business from Good to Great.

We go to great lengths to learn and understand your organisations DNA, understanding your end state and collaboratively working the strategic change program to develop, implement, enhance and empower your team to overcome the same. As such we offer a purely evidence-based consulting approach.

Advisory boards are one of the best-kept secrets of successful businesses. They can help significantly boost performance, revenue, productivity and avoid the pitfalls of failure.

Most importantly, an advisory board provides you with expert advice, complementary expertise and support in decision‑making without the burden of vested interests or hidden agendas.

Advisory boards can provide many benefits, including:

  • Expert knowledge specific to the needs of your business
  • A sounding board to help validate your strategies
  • An outside perspective to help identify gaps and opportunities
  • A cost-effective source of ideas and expertise
  • Honest advice free of vested interests
  • Bring diversity of experience to aid mitigating failure.

Your springboard to a better business

Our personalised service can guide you through the implementation of an effective advisory board, including identifying your needs, assisting in selecting the right individuals and getting the group underway.

Our Two-step process we use to help you:

1. Needs Assessment

  • Define expectations, identify needs and gaps, and establish advisor profiles
  • Analyze your ecosystem and business environment to establish the focus of the advisory board and identify potential sources of advisors
  • Assist you in identifying, interviewing and recruiting members
  • Provide training and supply documentation templates for your advisory board meetings

3. Evaluation

  • Evaluate the board’s performance and its benefits to your business
  • Re-assess skill gaps, business challenges and member relevance

What Sets Q3ed apart?

Our Values

Good Governance

We are advocates of good governance and the core principles of independence, transparency and accountability are vital in our operations.

We believe that a sensible approach to governance will produce rewards for any organization, either in terms of immediate returns or long-term sustainability.

Intellectual Curiosity

We do not work in a ‘boiler plate’ style, and take the time to understand you and your organisations needs. While we see common themes in governance and board composition, we will always seek to explore your situation and design a suitable approach based on our years of experience. We are all well qualified and respect the discipline of structured learning and thinking.

Absolute Independence

We value the independence of quality advisers, and like to work with clients who see this as an asset too. We are not owned or accountable to any firm with whom we might have a conflict of interest.
Your objective acheived is our measure of success.

Best Practice

We strive for Best Practice in everything we do, it is in our nature. Hence, our advice will always strive to have seen the complex from every angle and deliver a solution that is acheives the objectives, determined numerious options and cases, recommended the scalable best fit option with great analystics and science to demonstrate the case.

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